‘Just wanted to say thanks very much for the two training sessions and your very helpful follow-up notes. I enjoyed the training and, more importantly, learnt a lot. It was good to do my specific route and see my perceived obstacles through your eyes and I definitely feel more confident now about cycling to work and also trying routes to other locations.’ (2 mile daily commuter)

‘Thank you for your email, and for coming to see us yesterday. She really enjoyed her training with you and looks forward to seeing you again next week. We also appreciate your once-over for her bike and this should make it possible for her to practice between now and her next lesson. Thank you so much for helping her.’ (Parent of teenager)

‘Thanks for the carefully thought-out notes. I'm sure you're correct in what you're saying. I'll start getting this into practice as soon as I can - I biked to work again today, and, I was very consciously trying to analyse what I'm doing - breaking it down into individual steps.’ (9 mile regular commuter)

‘Thanks a lot for the sessions and maps. I feel much more confident and will try out these new routes very soon.' (Newcomer to area, novice cyclist)

‘Thank you very much for the photos, they are fine to use on the website. We are both so grateful to guidance and training you gave our son. He has since come home and has completed a cycle check on his sister's bike.’ (Parents of 8 year old)

‘Hi Matt, really enjoyed my 1st lesson and think I did quite well, so thankyou!’ (39 year old novice cyclist)

‘Been meaning to email for the last few weeks - just a quick thank you for all the training - I am now cycling to work at least once a week, sometimes more and also into town. I am loving the convenience and the exercise - so thank you.’ (40-something returning cyclist)

‘Thank you such a good session yesterday, the boys were full of it, you made a big impression on them. Thanks for all your work, really appreciated, so pleased we could fit it all in so promptly.’ (Grandfather of twins)

‘Thanks for this. I definitely want to do Level 2 so that I feel confident to go out on the road on my own!’ (Adult, learnt to ride from scratch)

‘Thanks for all your efforts with this group!’ (Year 6 school teacher)