Costs (effective from 1st July 2020)

The training fee for an introductory one-hour 'taster' session of one-to-one cycle instruction in Norwich is just £16. If you are a beginner and need to hire a training bike for a session arranged near to our base (such as in Eaton Park), there is an additional hire charge of £8 per session: this also covers the loan of a helmet (if required) and provision of PPE (disposable gloves and face mask) where appropriate.

After the first hour, the cost will be based on our standard one-to-one training fee of £20 per hour plus any hire. A paper invoice is provided and is payable at the end of the session, by cash or bank transfer.

One-hour sessions are usual, but as stamina improves, some customers like to arrange longer sessions, to ensure good progress can be made towards their objectives.

For sessions starting and finishing more than 2 miles away from our Norwich base, a £25 minimum fee may be applicable. An additional mobilisation charge may be made for training outside Norwich. Special rates apply for training of groups depending on specific requirements. Please contact us for more details.

Note on equipment: Beginners and those working on bike control (Bikeability Level 1) are encouraged to wear a cycle helmet while under instruction, but this remains a personal choice and is optional. Trainees receiving on-road instruction (Levels 2 and 3) are expected to wear a high-visibility top, and are encouraged to wear their own properly fitting bike helmet. Both these items can be purchased from Smart Cycle Training, provided prior notice is given.