Adult Cycle Training: Case Studies

Smart Cycle Training has a proud record in teaching hundreds of adults and children both one-to-one and in small groups. Some were complete beginners learning to ride, others were more experienced cyclists improving their skills and awareness. Here are a few case studies and interviews with some of the people and groups that were previously taught.

Usha Sundaram

Usha Sundaram

USHA, Eaton, Norwich

Usha moved to Norwich and having never learnt how to ride a cycle when she was young, decided to take up lessons. It was partly to get fitter and partly to take up a fresh challenge in a new chapter of her life. She had lessons once or twice a week on a training bike borrowed from Smart Cycle Training before buying her own.

She started learning on the grass in Eaton Park and quickly moved to controlling the bike on pavements and learning to turn. She progressed to riding on residential roads and then, after buying her own bike, started cycling to work. For someone who doubted that she would ever have the balance or co-ordination to ride a bicycle, she now rides most days.

Read Usha’s inspiring story (107 KB PDF File).

John Pinnington

John Pinnington

JOHN, North Norwich

John came for cycle lessons after buying a new bicycle. He was a fairly experienced rider and regular cycle commuter before retirement but wanted to brush up on cycle proficiency before embarking on a couple of long distance cycle rides that summer. He had also noticed himself getting slightly less confident at busy roundabouts, which he put down to his age and slight decline in mobility/flexibility, so thought some advice might be beneficial.

John used his day-to-day bike for the lessons and came twice initially, focusing on road positioning, junctions and traffic awareness. He made small adjustments to the way he rode to be more safe and came again the following year for a refresher. Following advice, he also changed his routes into the city, choosing cycle paths away from busy roads with better air quality.

Read an interview with John (126 KB PDF File).


Get Cycling group

Get Cycling: cycle rides in and around Norwich

‘Get Cycling’ was a programme of weekly cycle rides, in and around Norwich, organised by the social enterprise Bicycle Links. The rides took place during the spring, summer and autumn and were open to all ages and abilities, with a particular focus towards individuals hoping to improve cycling confidence and/or individuals seeking to improve mental/physical health.

The rides were led by National Standard Cycling Instructors, principally Matt Williams from Smart Cycle Training, with other trained independent cycle instructors assisting as required. The rides used the city’s Pedalways and linked to the National Cycle Network and covered a variety of routes, stretching to Cringleford, Caistor St. Edmund, Poringland, Postwick, Drayton, Costessey and Little Melton over the course of the programme.

Read the evaluation report into Get Cycling (1 MB PDF File).