Bicycle training in Norwich, Norfolk and East Anglia

Smart Cycle Training offers one-to-one or small group instruction in using a bicycle for normal transport. We are based in Norwich, Norfolk, UK, but provide training further afield by arrangement.

Following further easing of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions on 30th June, we are pleased to announce we are now once again taking bookings for one-to-one tuition for all levels of training including absolute beginners, using appropriate precautions to protect both parties. If you are learning to balance, the instructor will wear face protection, and a disposable mask will be provided for you as trainee. If you can already ride a bike, we can provide off-road or on-road instruction safely under normal social distancing rules.

You may already know how riding a bike is one of the the best ways of getting daily exercise - as well as a practical and efficient means of getting around town for routine trips.

As the new normal settles down post-lockdown, make sure you continue to make the most of your bike and enjoy it! You will find it's well worthwhile booking an hour or two's personalised training from a professional to help you to maintain your confidence in rising traffic levels and keep cycling working for you.

Use the Contact Us page for free advice, or to arrange a cycle lesson for yourself, or for a loved one.